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Return to Nature

The Modern Reissue of the Original 1904 Manuscript

Return to Nature is the modern reissue of Adolf Just's 1904—now public domain--work, Return to Nature The True Natural Method Of Healing And Living And The True Salvation Of The Soul, with the purpose of maintaining public access to this vital information in modern formats.

It is a sad fact of our modern existence that practically everything we've been told, taught and led or wish to believe--particularly about the body, health, sickness, and healing--is, quite frankly, wrong. Don't let the original copyright date fool you, truth is timeless. The human body hasn't changed since 1904.

Just's work underscores the Ageless Adept philosophy that the universe is perfect, nature is foolproof, the body is coded to heal and that our access to real and lasting cure exists by design as an instinctive part of natural law as well as pre-wired, inborn coding. In order to sustain vitality, one need only replicate the earth’s original, pristine conditions of sunlight, air, water, sun earth and (real) food, and follow an operations manual that exists by example in nature.

As insightful as his work is, Adolf Just, like many authors, was limited by the worldview of his culture and times. Consequently, certain content may not pass today’s standards of political correctness. The reader who can make allowances for the biases of his time and dig below a few politically incorrect references,* will uncover and rescue the underlying philosophy which is, at its core, unassailable: that in his quest for health and youth, man is best served by natural means, and that you are your own authority. (*See Appendix)

With that in mind, I present to you, with minimal editing and spelling corrections to the original text, Return to Nature!
--Walt F.J. Goodridge,
author of over 24 books including In Search of a Better Belief System, The Man Who Lived Forever, Fit to Breed...Forever! and A Clean Cell Never Dies

"Men who no longer listen to the voice of nature become the victims of a thousand different diseases and miseries. But the creatures of pure nature, on the other hand, the animals of our forests, are free from sickness and from everything else as well that corresponds to the sins and vices of mankind. "

" When we look at nature with an open, unprejudiced mind, and are not blinded by the teachings of science, we must arrive at the clear conclusion that man has become sick and miserable only because he no longer heeds the VOICES OF NATURE, and has thus everywhere transgressed the laws of nature, and lost his way. "

" Nature is forever unassailable in her justice; she punishes every transgression of her laws, but likewise rewards every return to obedience. "

" In all cases, and in all diseases, therefore, man can recover and again become happy only by a true return to nature: man must today strenuously endeavor, in his mode of living, to heed again the voice of nature, and thus choose the food that nature has laid before him from the beginning, and to bring himself again into the relation with water, light and air, earth, etc., that nature originally designed for him. "

" The more man listened to the teachings of science, especially of medicine, the more he became a victim of disease and misfortune, although science was extolled from the beginning as the dispenser of happiness and blessings.** "

" All nature doctors must regard it as their ideal aim to develop the people to the point where each will be his own physician. "

" From what I have been teaching everyone can at any time undertake quite independently a purely natural cure, and lead a natural life either for a time, in order to free himself from some sickness, or for his whole life, for the attainment of the highest earthly happiness. "

"The crises are always favorable symptoms; they prove that nature is engaged in curative activity. "

"In consequence of the unnatural fertilization, the products of the soil indeed become more abundant, but they are also much more harmful to health since then. By a sort of prostitution he can draw more milk from the cows, that are bloated and distended by their artificial stall-fodder, but the milk is by far less wholesome. The farmers at present live not only on milk that is less wholesome than formerly, they also eat the flesh of those fattened animals that have been reared on their own dung, which must naturally result in still more sickness and suffering for them. "

(312 pages; 6 x 9; ISBN-13: 978-1721870240 )

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