An analysis of the NPR piece on Intermittent Fasting

On Friday, November 25, 2016, NPR aired a report on Intermittent Fasting as part of their coverage of the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday.

It was great to hear the concept of fasting being exposed to a wider audience. However, as someone who has personally done an extended water-only fast for as many as 15 days, and coached others to do the same, and as the publisher of Fast & Grow Young, as part of the "How to Watch the News" I'd like to offer a few ideas to help--in this case--"Listen" to the news.

It's NOT about losing weight.
Even though the story focused on fasting as a way to lose weight, fasting is about HEALING. Fasting allows your body to "reboot" itself and to function more optimally. Many people discover that ONE happy benefit of better functioning digestive and elimination systems is less cravings and weight loss.

The "science" DOES exist.
People like Herbert Shelton did, in fact, oversee hundreds of fasts the records of which still exist. Even though those fasts happened decades ago, the functioning of the body has not changed. Furthermore, you don't need anyone's permission to do something that humans and animals have done for centuries.

There IS a known way to break a fast
The young lady featured in the report seemed to randomly pick papaya and candy as her first meal after her intermittent fast. Even though hers is not an extended fast, the danger with this part of the report is that people may be led to believe they can break fasts with whatever they "feel" for. This is dangerous. There is a well-documented sequence for breaking an extended fast that if not followed could lead to serious physical, health/life-threatening complications.

Herbert Shelton is here for you!
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