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Frequently Answered Questions

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An ongoing collection of the most asked and answered questions we get here at Fast & Grow Young! Ask your own question at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is Fast & Grow Young?

Fast & Grow Young is the modern reissue of Herbert Shelton's 1934--now public domain--work, Hygienic System Vol II, under an arguably more compelling title. Our goal is to provide easy access to this treasure trove of vital information for the benefit of the general public's health and healing.

Q: Do I still need to fast if I do colonics, detoxes and live a vegan lifestyle?

Of course, you don't have to do anything! However, fasting provides a host of benefits. It's a like a "re-boot" of your entire system that allows your body to reset itself and return to a level of function you had years ago. It's nature's first cure, and while colonics, detoxes etc, are all good, nothing can compare to the benefits you'll achieve by simply allowing the body to rest and activate its healing code.

Q: Are you sure this is safe?

Not only is it safe, it might even be vital for your health! Tens of thousands of folks have done extended water fasts over the years--make that centuries! Animals do it. Don't take our word for it! Search online for testimonials. Check Youtube for videos on it.

Q: I am on DAY X! How and where do I find the discipline to keep going?

It's said that there are only two causal emotions in the universe: fear and love. Each (or both) can be great motivation. Fear of pain, suffering, illness and death can motivate you to push through and keep going. Love of your children (and being present and healthy for them) might give you the motivation you need. We're thinking long-term. A few days of "deprivation" will have lasting, long-term effects on your vitality, your health and the lives of those you love!

Q: Can I include the transition days when I tell people how long I've fasted?

Haha! Great question! Well, there's no need to stretch the truth. Most people unfamiliar with fasting will be more than impressed that you've voluntarily decided to go without food for even a SINGLE day! (Many people actually believe they will die if they stop eating!) We're going to define fasting as the period of time you stop ingesting "food" in order to give the digestive system a much-needed rest. Therefore, even though you'll only be ingesting juices and broth for the 3-5 days of transition, the purpose of those liquids is to re-activate the "digestive fire," and so are not part of the fast. Now, your body will still be benefiting from rest during the transition, but, by my definition, it is not part of the fast. (When people ask, say "Ten days of fast, five days of transition back to solid food!")

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